Make Plans To Jump Back On The Bandwagon!

Let me tell you how I fell off the fitness bandwagon – flat on my face.   We moved to a bigger home in February 2014. I was super excited because there was a section of the house upstairs that was going to be perfect for my workout space. I had plans to set up…

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Alternatives to Bread: 6 Amazing Ideas to Try Now

“Bread can be healthy – it can be a good carb – you don’t have to take it out of our diets.” Don’t worry, I agree with you. You don’t HAVE to take bread out of the meal rotation. But do you know FOR SURE that your body can tolerate it? There is a substance…

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You Know They’re Lying To You…Right?

I know you’re NOT going to like me for what I’m about to say, but it must be said.   That fat doesn’t “look good on you”. It’s not “cute”. Those jelly rolls around your tummy and thighs don’t have “sex appeal”. You’re not “big boned” or “pleasantly plump”. And you honestly have no business…

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