The Little Known Way to Virtually Heal Nearly Every Health Problem from Unwanted Weight Gain to Exhaustion


Your health problems are on notice that YOU are about to make significant changes soon.

You don’t have to suffer with those lifestyle diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol any longer.

You don’t have to fall asleep in front of the television after you eat.

You don’t have to watch your waistline keep on growing (and the clothes budget get thrown out the window).

You don’t have to wake up feeling groggy and go to your work shift like you did not sleep a wink (even though the clock said you got a solid 6 hours).

You don’t have to be depressed about your doctor’s repeated warnings to make necessary changes in your movement and eating habits ASAP.


Because to get rid of all that extra weight, all the exhaustion, and all the preventable health issues, you just need to do something simple. This one thing will clear up the health problems, give you endless energy, keep your midsection slim and trim, allow you to have a restful sleep, and positively impress your doctor. Yes, I am telling you – if you do this thing just right, you could transform your entire life for the better.

I know you are intrigued.

Keep reading.

Get rid of the added sugar.

Sadly, that double fudge brownie sundae or the apple pie a la mode can taste so good, but both desserts are full of empty calories and zero health benefits. Our bodies don’t have the capacity to process a whole lot of sugar daily. Men can only process about 9 teaspoons of sugar a day, and women just 6 teaspoons. Sugar has also been shown to cause inflammation in the body. Eating and drinking too much added sugar also feeds certain types of cancers. In Dr. Axe’s popular blog, he shares how added sugar can destroy your body.

Naturally occurring sugars, such as the ones in fruits, are okay. However, even then we have to be careful to limit our intake. So how do you even do that? Removing the sweet stuff from our diets will NOT happen overnight. This will be an ongoing process which takes a whole lot of discipline and a constant reminder of the benefits of dropping sugar from your diet. Benefits such as:

  • Clear skin
  • Reduced internal inflammation
  • Energy increase
  • Restful and restorative sleep
  • Reduced chances of developing deadly cancers

and the list can go on and on.

When I was on my own weight loss journey back in 2008, I hit a plateau around the 3rd or 4th month. It was frustrating for sure. All I thought I had to do was purchase the next level of the fitness program to keep my weight loss going. But at the time, the finances wouldn’t allow another fitness purchase and the scale would not budge. My amazing coach talked with me about options and she mentioned if I was eating or drinking any excess sugar, I needed to take a look at them. (She also recommended that I take the Beachbody Slimming Formula with green tea extract, which also helped.)

How in the world does getting rid of added sugar help your body heal?

First of all, your body isn’t having to deal with food items that it needs to significantly break down. Sugar is one of those items that needs more energy to break down. Since you are not constantly burning sugar any longer, then your body can use its stored fat to supply you with energy, causing weight loss.

Also, sugar causes you to have a high amount of energy – for only a short period of time. The feeling of “sugar high” is like a rocket taking off from Earth. All of the energy and fuel is used up immediately to push the rocket out of the atmosphere of Earth and into space. We get enough energy to do a few tasks, then we run down and tire out. This high and low over a long period of time has the potential to throw off your metabolism. Taking sugar out of the equation keeps your energy regulated and your sleep cycle under control.

Finally, I have personally found that when you feed your body with the best foods, your body will naturally crave the best foods. Because you are not eating sugar, your body changes both internally and externally. You begin to glow externally from healthy foods and you feel excellent inside.

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