Your Ability To Do This Will Bring The Results You Seek

It isn’t all that hard, you know?

You look at people around you who started on their fitness journeys with you or maybe even after you. They look fabulous while you still look frumpy. They have the body that you have been desiring and dreaming about for YEARS. They can rock the two piece swimsuit on the beach or the little black dress for the class reunion, while you’re still making excuses to not go anywhere. They can run and play for hours with their kids and grandkids while you sadly watch yours from the porch chair.

So what makes them different?

They all possess this one quality that helped them to get the results, no matter what was happening in their lives and no matter how badly they wanted to throw in the towel.


They knew what they wanted and they had a “zero tolerance” attitude for the garbage. They made themselves eat healthy from home instead of going out all the time. They put exercise as priority number 1 instead of sleeping in or watching Netflix at night. They got good sleep and made sure there was no stress around as much as possible.

Self-discipline was a daily occurrence.

Did those who got results ever want to give up? I would think so.

Did they get upset with themselves for sleeping in? Probably, and it is totally okay.

Did they look at others and wish they could be at that point? Most likely.

But the difference was that they did call in all of their feelings and kept pressing forward in spite of.

So, my friend, let’s shine the light on all these preventable diseases in your life. Will you stand in the self-discipline that you will need to see incredible results? Will you finally give yourself a chance to eliminate the diseases in your world??

Choose wisely, my friend.

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