If It Does Not Fit

I was thinking about excuses again this morning, because I was coming up with one to NOT get my workout in. I was tired and had gotten up late, and was saying in my head, “I’ll just do it tomorrow.” But I am committed to self care and making myself a priority this year, so I took 20 minutes and did some weight work. (Felt better after it was done, too!)

However, what I have heard from many of my customers who have fallen off the bandwagon is that they just do not like to exercise. They cannot stand what they are doing and are ready to throw in the towel on day 3 of the new year.

But do you remember the famous line of O.J. Simpson’s attorney, Johnnie Cochran?

“If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

This line rings true for every area of our lives, including in our fitness journeys.

Watch this….

Out of all the people in the gym, there are a few who don’t like something that they are doing. Whether it’s the weight machines, or the treadmill, or the morning yoga or spin classes, they aren’t a fan and even wonder why they are friends with the person who dragged them there.

They are feeling this way simply because what they are doing is not a fit for them. Period.

And if they looked around and tried different things, they would possibly find their soulmate workout…and the same is true for you.

Don’t you ever settle for something you do not like. You will only do what you truly enjoy doing. Keep on trying until your “fit” becomes clear.

Speaking of finding your fit…did you know that Beachbody On Demand streams over 600 workouts of ALL types? This way, there’s absolutely zero reason to enjoy what you do and to drop the weight for good.

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Be blessed!

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