Quit With All Your Lies…The Angry Family Problem

So if you haven’t been keeping up with the series, then you’ll want to click on the links below after this post is done.

Okay…next up…is the angry family “excuse” why you cannot lose weight:

“My family would disown me if I tossed their junk food and fed them healthy meals.”

Sorry, but I call BULL.



What this comes down to is a matter of DISCIPLINE. Plain and simple.

If getting healthy is truly a priority for you, then all those junk food temptations you’re having will have to be shut down. You can’t have dessert every night like everyone else is doing. You can’t munch up a whole bag of potato chips while watching “The Walking Dead” anymore. You can’t stop at the drive thru of Zaxby’s when you are working on your health. 

It is critical to completely transform your mind in order to stay strong against the frustrations and anger of your family. They may never want to change their own ways, and you have to be okay with that. You also have to be ready for anything they may say to you and any sabotage they want.

So how do you overcome the all-out WAR that you deal with every single day at meal time?? Here are some really cool ways to do it:

1) Let them eat the junk food, but don’t YOU make those purchases anymore. Once that stuff is gone, it is GONE. If they want it to have it back, they will have to buy it themselves.

2) Utilize my “Health On The Stealth” methods to slide healthy ingredients into the meals that they love. Let them have pizza, but put ground flaxseed into the crust. Slide some grated veggies into the spaghetti sauce. Make a salad bar for the family and put out ingredients they might want to try. Do some turkey or chicken sliders instead of hamburger. The possibilities are endless!

3) For your benefit, make sure that you revamp your idea of snack food. Nuts, fruit, hummus with veggies, and yogurt with granola are wonderful options to the sugary and salty food traps that your family may be used to having.

4) Make your healthy meals look SO tantalizing that your family will be asking YOU for a bite!


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