Why Should You Make That Water Bottle Your Best Friend?

We all have them.

They can be simple. They can be super fancy. They can hold enough for one serving, or enough to carry you all day and night. They contain shafts to hold fruit that will flavor your water. They even have accessories that flash when you haven’t taken a drink in a while.

Water bottles are all the rage these days.

IF you take the time to measure, you might be surprised that you’re NOT getting enough water in your system on a daily basis. Our bodies are 70% water, and we require water for each one of our bodily functions, from our brain to our blood to our waste functions.

There are a huge number of folks (and I used to be part of that number) not hitting up that bottle enough. Granted, you can have issues when you drink too much, but this is the subject of another post.

Even if you aren’t measuring, there are some pretty major signs that you aren’t hitting that bottle enough.

  • Your thinking and focus becomes foggy.
  • You are still hungry after eating.
  • You have bad breath issues.
  • You have a persistent headache.
  • Your balance is off.
  • Your mouth is constantly dry.
  • You start feeling aches and pains that you don’t usually have.
  • Sluggishness is the order of the day almost every day.
  • You might feel bloated.

If you read through these signs and said to yourself, “Whoa, that sounds like me most days of the week,” then you are dehydrated and need to turn up the bottle a bit more often.

I hear ya…and being a person who works the night shift, you may not be able to run to the restroom as often because of the nature of your job.


Please don’t allow that to stop you from drinking the water your body needs. Take it slow. Let’s say you’ve only been getting 30 ounces of water in. Add one cup (8 ounces) extra each week. If your bladder needs extra time to adjust, give it two weeks before adding more. Soon, your body will be getting enough, plus you’ll be using the facilities less often because your body is used to the amount you’re taking in.

Science says it is vital to drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water every single day. But if you’re still experiencing problems after doing this, feel free to get a few more ounces in.

Soon, your body will be more energetic, efficient, and vibrant. Ready to make that happen?

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