Let Your WHY Be Bigger Than Your LIE

Yes…Clarissa is about to go there…again.

Why is it that we GLADLY entertain lies that we tell ourselves about why we cannot have great health?


“I have kids and I REFUSE to waste food, so I am going to eat what they left on their plates.”

“There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to add in a trip to the gym.”

“I’m just Big-boned.”

“My spouse/partner/lover likes me this way. If I change, they’ll leave me.”

“If I start losing weight, my clothes will get too big, and I can’t afford to shop for myself right now.”

“I am in a family of big women/men. I am destined to be big.”

“I don’t care that my hips take up the movie theater seats next to me. That’s why I go to the early matinee so I don’t have to deal with folks getting mad.”

“The ways these birthday/holidays/vacations/anniversaries/(insert event here) are set up, I won’t be able to eat right if I tried.”

“I’m on a fixed income – I can’t choose healthy foods.”

“If I stop buying cookies/chips/ice cream/(insert unhealthy pleasure here), my family will vote me off the island like they do in Survivor.”

“Something is wrong with YOU because you’re the one judging my weight. I am totally fine.”

“I give up. Good health won’t happen for me anyway.”

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We don’t even give ourselves the chance to change for the better.

What is up with that?


What in the world happened in your life to make you HATE yourself that much??

To heal from this type of pain, you must dive deep into the core of who you are and work through this question.

(Nope, surface answers and feel-good motivation won’t work here.)

Change isn’t supposed to feel good. Change is difficult, it’s nasty, it brings up serious stuff that you thought was over and out of your world. CHANGE HURTS.


If you are willing…

To move through the hurt…

On the other side of it is the abundant health, the glowing skin, the crazy energy, the ability to keep up with your kids and grandkids, the passionate sex life, and a whole new world that you are looking to possess.

But your personal reason why great health is important has to be bigger than these lies you keep spewing out of your mind.

No exceptions.

Take out a pen and paper – because sometimes you have to write it out in order to work it out – and answer these questions for you:

Question 1: How do you feel about your body and your internal health TODAY?

Question 2: What is your vision for your body and health?

Question 3: If the answers to Question 1 and Question 2 are DIFFERENT, then what specific things are holding you back from your health vision?

Question 4: In what areas of your life (mental, physical, career, relationships, financial, etc.) are the current situations making you feel negative feelings? Explain what the situations are and how they specifically make you feel.

Question 5: What steps are you WILLING to take in order to reach the true vision you have of yourself?

Question 6: WHY are you wanting this change in your health and in your body so badly?

After answering these questions, go back and think about the answers you wrote down. Do your answers make you feel “some kind of way”? Like really uncomfortable?

Good. Now you are ready to FIGHT for the body and the health that you really want.

You must stop with the lies to yourself right now. They aren’t true and you know it. You know down deep in your heart that you are able to make changes that will bless your life and the lives of those that are watching you. So…go and do it!

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