The Best Laid Plans….

First day of 2018 – left as fast as it came.

Here’s what I had planned to do:

  • Wake up.
  • Workout.
  • Bring hubby breakfast in bed.
  • Watch the Parade of Roses.
  • Crochet a cute poncho for me to keep me warm in 10 degree weather.
  • Finish my video script for an upcoming workshop.
  • Listen to business podcasts while hubby watches bowl games.
  • Go to bed ON TIME for the first time in a long, long time.

Here’s what REALLY happened:

  • Slept in and woke up late.
  • Brought hubby brunch (if you could call it that) in bed.
  • Got a call from work that had to be addressed, and spent almost 5 hours on the phone with multiple guys working to resolve the issue.
  • Ate dinner.
  • Watched bowl game while prepping for work.
  • Went to bed about 90 minutes later than I wanted to.
  • Didn’t even touch the things I wanted to get done.

But you know what?

I cannot allow the things that did not happen today to bring me down and depress me. (That is SO 2017.)

Things happen in life to derail our plans – that is a given. And in those moments, we have a choice:

  1. Get angry and give up.
  2. Keep focused and keep pressing.

It’s unfortunate that most people across the world choose the first option. I have had clients who seem to REALLY want health and wellness in their lives. However, when their best laid plans seem to blow up in their faces, they will take the easy way out and say that “their fitness or nutrition goal isn’t meant to be for them, since all this stuff is keeping them away.”


Maybe, just maybe, “all this stuff” is a test of how bad you want your goal. Have you considered that?

In 2018, I am going to need for you to step up and try again.

I’m going to need for you to STOP all this “giving up on your dreams because of the circumstances” garbage.

I’m going to need for you to revisit your schedule and MAKE time for your goals, and male it as important as your doctors visit (or that football game where you have the most amazing seats).

I’m going to NEED for you to do more for yourself, okay??

Saying it out of your mouth is all fine, but those words won’t drop those pounds, or make things happen in your life. ACTION does.

And when your perfectly planned day is mangled by the stresses of life…your job is to say, “Fine. But you’re not stealing my joy and my peace. Not today, not anymore.”

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