How to Recreate Christmas Magic Within Your Own Life

I’m kicking myself.

On the day before Christmas, I completed pulling off a feat of amazing proportions. I crocheted 5 winter hats, all with Pom-Poms, for all the teen and tween girl cousins in my family…in 6 days. It usually takes me over 2 weeks to do a project like that, simply because I am so busy with life and with my online business. But I sat down and focused on accomplishing something every single night. It was some SERIOUS magic happening here. And at Christmas, magic is to be expected, right?

So why am I so mad?

Because I didn’t get ANY pictures of the hats I made.




Didn’t worry about unwrapping all of these hats to do a photo shoot.


I’m about to drop a value BOMB here, so sit up and pay attention.


Here it is:

A decision and a commitment can create a 180 in your life.

You may be thinking, “Yeah, whatever.” But seriously, you can make some impactful things happen in your life – IF you decide you want them bad enough, focus on them, and make time for them.

Do you believe this?

Do you believe you can create magic in your life?

I totally do. Let’s work on this together, shall we?

Step 1) Please BELIEVE that change is possible for you.

Step 2) SET ASIDE TIME & SPACE to move toward what you want.

Step 3) CONTINUE to do small things related to what you want every single day.

Step 4) When obstacles come up, STOP saying that what you want was not meant to be.

Step 5) WATCH MAGIC HAPPEN in your life because you stayed consistent with your actions and your focus did not go away.

These steps aren’t difficult to do, but unfortunately the simple things are seemingly the MOST difficult to accomplish – well, at least if you watch how other folks handle it. Just know that you are more than capable of recreating the magic of Christmas every single day with the decision and the commitment to do so.

Quick question…Need a helping hand in recreating that Christmas magic every day? Come over to the Nutrition for Night Time Professionals Facebook group for those nuggets of encouragement.

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