Quick Health e-Tip: Portion Control Is Key!

This particular post was on my old Facebook Business Page from January 25, 2009. This is still true for my body and how it operates, but remember, everyone is different and their bodies may not take this method well. Enjoy the post, and feel free to share your thoughts in a comment!

It has been stated that 80% of your weight loss success comes from your nutrition – the foods and beverages you choose to fuel yourself. Make sure you eat those foods often!!

A general rule is to eat five or six portion controlled meals every two or three hours apart. Why? First, eating every two to three hours allows your body to receive nourishment all day long. Your metabolism stays high, burning off calories as you go through the day. The energy level you have stays at its peak because you are receiving the fuel you need. Second, when you eat less food, you actually start to GAIN weight! Your body will go into “fasting mode” – less calories are coming in, so your body will store these precious calories. The metabolism slows down because there are less calories to burn off, and stored calories can really add up if you are not careful!

In fact, that is how sumo wrestlers get their bulk up – by SKIPPING MEALS!!!

So, eat more of the right foods, more often, and watch your weight fall off!!

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