Do You Want A Better Life??

Do you want a better life?

Are you SERIOUS about wanting it?

Then what are you willing to give up for it??

You cannot be the same person if you want to get better, if you want to do more. There must be a change in your world, in your mindset, in how you think and how you speak. There even has to be a change in the people around you.

Before I started to see amazing uplifts in my health, my previous thought life was mostly in absolute terms, but in the negative ones – not the positive ones. I would say to myself that I NEVER could do anything right, I was ALWAYS going to be a horrible person, my body was NEVER going to be healthy, and I HATED myself and the life that I was living.

Are you saying something similar to yourself right now?

Think about that for a minute.

If you are belly aching and complaining about your current life, why would you EVER get a better one – to just complain and belly ache even more???


That isn’t how this works, my friend. If you want a better life and a much healthier future, then the negativity HAS to go!

Be willing to give up negative thoughts.

Be willing to give up negative people.

Be willing to give up negative words (can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, I give up, never).

Be willing to give up…the CURRENT YOU.

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Once I gave up all of the negative junk in my life, and made the decision to try something new, I started seeing results. Day by day, week by week, the weight started falling off my body, and the confidence started coming back. Seeing those results excited me, and pushed me forward. 10 months later, I was looking in the mirror at a totally different person.

And before you start saying that 10 months isn’t enough time (or maybe it is too much time) for a total mindset transformation, let me mention the most important thing…


Mindset change and personal development work happens every single day. It is not a “one and done” type deal. You’ve got to wake up each morning with a focus on getting your mind right so that everything else will get right.

Yes – even your health won’t be right until your mind changes. Surprising, isn’t it?

So, what do you need to DO?

First, wake up focused on positivity. We are bombarded with hundreds upon hundreds of negative vibes everyday. It is vital that we wake up with meditation about what we are grateful for, or with encouragement or empowerment from someone who is upleveled their thought life.

Second, get a good sweat on. Exercise puts you in a good mood. It also helps take your mind off the negativity in your life. When I did my workouts, most times I totally forgot what bad things were going on because I was in the zone of focus on what I was doing right then. Vitally important for better life living, don’t you think?

Finally, think about what you’re thinking and talking about. Most people walk through life with zero clue about what they are saying to other people. They say junk, they think junk, and they have no good thing to say about anyone or anything. They are the epitome of the crabs in a bucket – when they see you coming up, they’ll do everything in their power to drag you back down. Please don’t be that person. Think before you speak. Remember, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

So, what are YOU planning to give up in your world to have a better life? I’d love to know. Comment below, or even better, schedule a “Birthday Blessings” call with me during the month of December! Click the link below to schedule.

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