Review of Our First HelloFresh Experience

Here in the United States, the popularity of meal delivery services is climbing at an incredible rate. One of the largest services is a company called HelloFresh. I wanted to share my experience with you in case you are considering trying them out.

We were heading back to the office from our monthly ladies lunch, and one of the ladies asked us if any of us have tried HelloFresh. None of the other ladies (including me) had tried it before, but had thought about it. She told us her experience and how pleased she was with the meals she had received. Her husband and she purchased the two-person box because they have small children, and that the three meals were plenty for them, especially on busy nights. She had earned enough credits through the service to send us each a free box, and we all happily accepted.

I scheduled delivery of our first box on 11/17/2017, right before Thanksgiving. The plan was to enjoy these three meals and have fill in recipes for the rest of the week up to Thanksgiving. After that, we would decide if we were going to continue and for how long.

The website has the box choices for the week. They will send the suggested meals if you do not make any other selections, and there is even a premium meal option you can get for an additional $5.00. I went with the suggestions, since they sounded good and I knew that we would both eat them.

The box came on that Friday and I was very eager to open it up. The company provides all the main ingredients that you need to prepare three nice meals at the house for two. The meat was at the bottom of the box between a pair of extra large cold packs. The rest of the main ingredients were located in separate labeled paper bags at the top part of the box. (I say main ingredients because you have to provide salt, pepper, oils, and possibly sugar yourself.) At the very top were the three menu cards telling you how to prepare the meals, plus the nutritional information for all of the meals of the week.

I decided to cook the Chicken Cheddar Fajitas first. The box literally had enough to feed both me and my husband a good sized fajita dinner, with nothing left over for the next day. The fajitas were seasoned very well, and the lime cream sauce was delicious. I am glad for the recipe cards because I might make these part of the dinner rotation.

On Sunday evening, I cooked the Cherry Balsamic Pork with potatoes and broccoli. The flavoring on the meat was truly phenomenal. I wasn’t excited by the potatoes – a little bland in my opinion, but it was a good meal.

Then on Monday, we finished out the box with the French Onion Burgers with bechamel sauce and kale chips. I had to go get fries for my husband because he believes that you MUST have fries with hamburgers – no exceptions. The burgers were a bit greasy, but they were SO delicious.

None of the meals took long to prepare at all. Each of the meals took about 30-45 minutes total to cook on top of the stove and in the oven.

I asked my husband which of the meals he enjoyed the most, and he said that the pork meal had the best flavor to him.

As far as continuing, right now, an extra $60.00 per box is a bit much for the budget. However, we may do this once a month (or once every couple of months) because of its convenience.

I do think that HelloFresh is a good option for people who want to eat well, but cannot find the time in their busy lives to shop for it. This provides a fresh alternative for couples and families, and they can fill in the rest of the week with whatever.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I do recommend that you check out all your options and base your decision on your dietary needs and allergies.

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