Will You Let Crisis Happen Before You Do Something?

I debated the past 3 days about sharing this with you, but in order to start the healing process, you’ve gotta face the “not so beautiful” truth.

Most of the day on Thursday, my energy was at an all time low. I ate fast food for dinner (which never, ever, EVER happens on a Thursday), I laid on the couch covered by a blanket, and bemoaned my state of possible crisis.


I said POSSIBLE crisis.

You see, we got some disturbing news at the office about “reductions in force” (layoffs) coming soon for every division in the company, PLUS the quarterly bonuses that my family was 100% DEPENDENT on for taking care of the household bills while we have one in grad school will be disappearing within the next few months. And it’s possible we aren’t getting our Christmas bonuses this year.

But get this.

  • No one knows the number of people impacted in the coming reduction of force.
  • No one knows for sure that we will not get Christmas bonuses.
  • And no one can say the last date we will get our quarterly bonuses.

But why did I get all worked up?

Because of the POSSIBLE outcome.

Instead of being proactive about the situations that may arise at the office and getting myself ready for whatever is coming, I chose to react to the news and get myself all frustrated.

Not a good way to live.

It is so much better to live always on the ready. That way, when a crisis is flung into your lap, you don’t have to cry and wail. You can simply take action to change the situation.

I know what you might be thinking.

“So, what is in this message for me, Clarissa? I’m not facing any crisis situation at all.”

We are all in one of three places in life:

  • In a storm
  • Coming out of a storm
  • Going into a storm

Just because you don’t have any issues happening at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself ready for unexpected issues. Take a look at your life and ask yourself, “If a storm came up in my physical life, my emotional life, my career, my social life, my financial life, or my spiritual life today, would I be ready to respond to it with clarity and with grace, or would I be so upset that I’d give up completely?”

Don’t let issues shake you to your core and force you to go down (like I did). Make yourself ready – right now – for the crises coming down the pipe.

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