What Happened To Your Creative and Powerful Self?

My company had service award luncheon day on Thursday for all the 4th quarter recipients. Every 5th year of service, associates are celebrated for their hard work and dedication to building them up to where they are now, for serving their customers, and for creating “the good life” for the executives. ?

It was really beautiful, the food was delicious, and we all had a good time.

After doing a Facebook live in my group about what holds us back, I began thinking about the vision and the drive necessary to create something grand like this company and its service award luncheon. Something incredible that people WANT to give their years of service (in exchange for 5th year rewards, cost of living increases, quarterly and Christmas bonuses, and other blessings).

I then started thinking about those who can’t stand being told what to do and when to do it. Those people who cannot handle authority and don’t want to be caught dead in a regular job. Those who have created a vision of true freedom (time freedom, financial freedom, travel freedom) and have the creativeness and inner power to take MASSIVE actions to propel their vision into reality.

What is the difference between those folks who create a life by design, and those who hold themselves back, creating this dream life for someone else?

Why are our creative and powerful selves that we were as kids shut down forcibly when we become adults?

What happened to us??

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From what I see in myself, here are 5 of the many things that block our creative, powerful selves from being successful:

  1. We aren’t healed from childhood hurts. Most of us didn’t lead happy and loving lives, where everyone accepted us for who we were. Some of us had terrible pasts that we are still reliving in our minds, wondering how we can go back in time and fix them. This isn’t “Back to the Future”, though, and we can’t go back to fix those past mistakes and pains. Unfortunately, those pains can keep us from living the life we dreamed about – if we are not willing to deal with it.
  2. We are afraid of being “too much” for family and friends. We think big, we dream big, and we have SO much good to share. But we don’t share because the people around us tell us that we are crazy for thinking the way we think, feeling the way we feel, wanting the life we want, or being the amazing person we are. Us big-hearted people don’t want our families and friends to feel inadequate for NOT having dreams or squashing their dreams for the greater good. So what do we do? We stay quiet and let our dreams and goals die inside us. Society wants us to “hide” ourselves in our little bitty world. It makes sure that all the negative stuff from the lives of celebrities and athletes are displayed for the world so that we become too scared to put ourselves out there.
  3. We don’t believe in ourselves. Deep, deep down inside, we may feel like we just don’t have it in us to be great. We may want greatness in our lives. We may start the process of creating a brand new future – better than what was in our past. But then we hit a roadblock, or people talk about us, or we are provided an amazing opportunity…and we FREEZE. To us and our minds, it’s much safer to retreat into our comfort zones than to believe that these setbacks are necessary for our powerful lives we’re building.
  4. We get down on ourselves when we fail or make mistakes. Not only do we freeze when we fail, we also start up the negative talk within. “Maybe this is a sign that what I want will NEVER happen.” “I blew it, so might as well give up.” “Seems like I can’t ever catch a break.” Why is it that we are our own WORST critic, and so much harsher on ourselves than we are on other people? It isn’t right to be so mean to yourself – whatsoever – because one mistake or one failure isn’t the end of the world.
  5. We are terrified of what we could be. You know those people who are always coming up with the “gloom and doom” scenarios? Who always see the worst possible situation, even when things are going good? Well, sadly, that is how most of our brains are wired to respond. When things are moving forward in a positive light, we look toward losing our family and friends. When the weight loss is starting to show results, we mope about how we can’t eat anything we love any longer. When we finally get traction in our business or with our dreams, we find ways to spend less time doing that and more time in trivial and meaningless things. Our futures are brighter than we could imagine, but we are terrified as to what it will cost us.

All of these blocks (and others that I didn’t mention in this blog post) can be overcome.

It will definitely take time and effort to do, but if you are willing to go down deep, think about what’s necessary to create that dream life, and make your inner environment a place of power that you can draw from daily…the things we will be able to accomplish will be EPIC.

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