How Can Fantastic Meal Prep Happen On A Limited Budget?

I hear the excuse ALL the time that eating healthy is too expensive.

I beg to differ, my friend.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank account, if you plan things out just right.

This week, I prepared a spaghetti dish with a side of California mix vegetables. It was delicious, simple to make, and should last my husband and I for a whole week of dinners.

Let me show you how much this meal cost me:

  • Chicken andouille sausage: $5.99
  • Medium onion: $0.68
  • Red bell pepper: $1.58
  • Carrots: $0.69
  • Organic spaghetti sauce: $3.99
  • Brown rice pasta: $3.29
  • California mix: $1.99

Total: $18.21 ÷ 14 dinners = $1.30 per dinner plate

(Granted, it may have worked out to cost less if I bought non-organic sauce, and got whole wheat pasta instead.)

If you want to create an amazing meal that is healthy and cost conscious, make sure you do the following:

  • Shop the sales. Grab the circulars that come in the mail (or use the Flipp smartphone apps, like me) and find the items that you need for less. There are those who will travel from store tostore so they can snag the bargains. A lot of times, the sale items may make you change your meal plan altogether. You walk in the store with chicken on thr list, but walk out with a killer deal on your favorite fish. And don’t forget to take advantage of coupons while setting up your shopping trip.
  • Use fresh vegetables in your meals. Buying fresh does not have to be expensive. There are certain vegetables that don’t have to be bought organic (see The Dirty Dozen listing). Vegetables can be added to most everything, and the benefits are GOLDEN.
  • Build meals around existing items. What’s sitting in your pantry? Can you use it (along with other items) to build an incredible meal? A lot of times, that extra can of black beans or the additional chicken broth on the shelf can save you some extra cash. You may be able to enjoy your meal while just paying for one or two things to add to what is already there. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

It’s your turn now.

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