What Are You REALLY Saying When You Speak To Yourself?

When is it ever a good idea to say to yourself, when things are bleak and feel like they are about to break, that you aren’t capable of making things better???

You know, we talk to ourselves so horribly sometimes. We can be worse to ourselves than we are to those we love. It’s so hurtful the words we speak over ourselves and our lives. We say that we are stupid idiots, nobodies, can’t do anything right, look like crap, Fat Albert’s family member, or better off dead.

And honestly, what does this accomplish for us?

In a word, NOTHING.

In fact, it takes us backwards into a place where we don’t want to be.

  • We go broke because we hate who we are.
  • We gain 60 extra pounds because we hate who we are.
  • We lose our hair because we hate who we are.
  • We do work for other folks that they should be doing themselves because we hate who we are.
  • We oversleep because we hate who we are.
  • We dress frumpy because we hate who we are.

And if we just take a minute to tie up our inner critic with duct tape and push him or her into the abyss of stomach acid…we’d realize…that we were feeding ourselves LIES!!

How do I know this?

Because this was a description of me.

Yes – I just described my personal situation. I actually hated who I had become – this depressed, anxious piece of a woman who took care of EVERYONE else in her life. I put myself last on my own to-do list, and did the unthinkable – I squeezed my body into clothes that I couldn’t fit any longer so that we’d have enough funds in the bank account to pay for school and all the equipment needed for research. I looked in the mirror and honestly didn’t think the person staring back at myself was me.

But…can I tell you a secret??

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What I was really showing by saying was that God wasn’t able to show Himself strong, and that what God created wasn’t worth anything.

It wasn’t until I began to see myself as worthy, as confident, as capable of making the changes that I desired, and started saying those things out loud to myself, that things began turning around.

Words are more powerful than you think.

Speak lovingly to yourself (just like you would your own children). Journal self-love letters and affirmations every morning. Ignite the dreams in your soul. Don’t allow other people to take advantage of you or break your spirit. And most importantly, care for your needs, because no one else will do it for you.

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