Tame that Tongue! Ways To Control What Goes In Your Belly

Let’s be 100% honest with ourselves.

We have always had the power to change our bodies. We just have zero discipline.

  • Groupon has a deal for our favorite restaurant (or a new one we want to try), and the discipline suddenly disappears. ?
  • We had a stressful day at work or school, and we feel like we need a treat. ?
  • We are constantly busy, and we use that as an excuse as to why we cannot cook for ourselves or nourish our bodies. ?
  • It’s vacation time, and all rules go out the window for the next week or two. ?

It is important to be strong enough to tame our tongues, not only taming the words we speak, but also hindering the foods we allow to pass over it.

But the discipline is a real problem for a whole lot of us. We only focus on what feels good at the time, but not what will be best in the long term.


What can we do to start taming our tongues?

  1. Believe in yourself. Discipline over what you put in your body starts in your mind. When you focus your mind on what you really want (good health and a trim body), then nothing else will taste as good as being healthy feels. Develop that self-control muscle daily.
  2. Make food fun. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring – like ever. Your food can be amazingly flavorful. There are hundreds of delicious herbs and spices to liven up the worst tasting foods on the planet (at least, that is how your mind and tongue see them).
  3. Find healthy ways to make comfort foods. Are you a fan of your mom’s fried chicken? Try baking the chicken in the same seasonings she uses (without the flour and egg/buttermilk wash). Love pizza more than life? Try using cauliflower crust instead, or add more fresh vegetables as toppings. At least 80% of your meals can be recreated to be healthier – and it comes back to being disciplined about it.
  4. Don’t give in to temptation. I hear you. And I understand. Foodies (like you and I) cannot help that they love food, and they should have the RIGHT to enjoy that decadent dessert or their favorite comfort foods after a tiring day. But if you allow your will to overcome how you feel, your body and health will benefit immensely.

Do you need help with taming that tongue of yours? Then you must sign up for the next 5 Day Sugar Detox challenge. You can develop discipline over what goes in your mouth – and I’m more than happy to be there to help. Click the link for more details and to sign up.


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