How Can I Overcome The Perception Versus Reality Trap?

Even though this happened a couple of weeks ago, I knew that I had to share this priceless moment.

So my little sis posted on my Facebook wall about her daughter’s day at school. They have behavior reports for second graders that go home every day to the parents, so they are aware of how their little ones acted in class. On this particular day, the teacher gave her daughter a “Good Day” report – but not a “Great Day” report. Her daughter was a little somewhat upset that her teacher did not give her a “Great Day” in behavior for that day. Obviously her teacher got it wrong. So the daughter takes her pencil and corrects the teacher’s “mistake”.

When she got home and proudly showed her mom and dad the report, they asked why she did that, and she said, “Because I had a great day, not a good day!”

Yeah, she got in trouble for overwriting the teacher’s notes…. ???

But it made me think about how WE as adults perceive our fitness journeys the same way.

We look at ourselves and say that we are doing everything the right way, and proudly tell others that we are doing a great job. But are we REALLY looking at our reality, or what we perceive?

  • Are we eating too much for the amount of exercise we do?
  • Are we moving our bodies at least 30 minutes every day?
  • Are we sleeping in more days a week than we work out?
  • Are we actually getting enough healing, restorative sleep?
  • Are we choosing the foods that nourish us instead of just make us happy?
  • Are we using vacation days for REAL relaxation?
  • Are we making time to meditate and breathe for stress relief?
  • Are we sneaking snacks into our bodies?
  • Are we taking the time to track what we are doing everyday?

I just got a FitBit at the beginning of September, and in tracking my meals on the app, I was horrified to learn that one particularly stressful day I ate 3449 calories (and didn’t burn off even half of that amount)! And I’m a fitness and nutrition coach – I should know better! ?

We know that we have to face the honesty of what is going on with our workouts, our nutrition, and our stress levels. But how can we overcome the trap of looking at what we WANT to see instead of looking at the TRUTH??

  1. We must track it. If you want things to improve, you have to see where you stand. Having your daily fitness habits documented (on paper or electronically) keeps us from lying to ourselves about our progress.
  2. We must see with our eyes, NOT our minds. Yes, I am all for “manifesting what you want” and “seeing yourself in the future body”. I believe that works. BUT – you have to be totally honest about where you are right now before your projection becomes reality.
  3. We must be okay with accountability. You can try and lie to an accountability partner – and you may get away with it for a while. But when that scale doesn’t move for a month or goes up and up and up, your accountability partner has every right to call you out.
  4. We must honor and celebrate our fitness wins. Did you eat healthy meals 85% of the time? Get excited about it! Did you drink the needed amount of water today? Be happy! Did you drop zero pounds, but a couple of inches are no longer there? Celebrate that! The more you make success feel good, the more you will want that feeling to continue, and the more positive actions you will take to get there.

So are you ready to move from perception to reality in your own fitness journey? Take this quick quiz to find out where you honestly stand.

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