11 Reasons Why Hiring A Coach Is A Smart Decision

You know when you get to that point where SOMETHING has to give or certain areas in your life will come crashing down around you?

That point when you say, “Enough is enough! I’ve had it with living/feeling/acting this way, and I need to change RIGHT NOW!!”?

If you have reached this point, congratulations.

You’re now ready to actually create lasting change.


…where do you go from the point of decision??

That question can make things somewhat tricky.

Of course, you could figure things out yourself. The modern quote, “Google is your friend” is so true. You can find anything you want on the Internet with a few taps on the keyboard. (There are even online psychologists to talk to – I had no clue.) It may take you a while to do ALL of the research to make the change that you are seeking. You may not have the support that you need to see the change happen. And what if you get discouraged so much that you quit before you even get started?

You can enlist the help of your closest friends. This is a good thing because the amazing people that are close to you want to see you be successful. They are willing to help wherever they can, no matter what. But that is where things end (most times). Many well-meaning friends don’t know what to do to fix the issue you are experiencing. And in some rare cases, your working to overcome your issue could cause tension within your friendship, simply because it may show them an area they aren’t willing to work on.

You can hire a coach (which is what I recommend). Before you start complaining because “Clarissa, you are a coach, so it’s like you are selling yourself and your services!” hear my reasons why I recommend coaching:

  • Coaches see what you do not see.
  • Coaches help you make immediate corrections.
  • Coaches will push you to your next level.
  • Coaches want your success more than anything else.
  • Coaches tell you the truth, not what you want to hear.
  • Coaches give you great ideas and resources.
  • Coaches lend you their belief in you until your own belief grows.
  • Coaches expect you to do your part and will hold you to it.
  • Coaches share their own personal experiences to help you see you aren’t alone in what you are going through.
  • Coaches make you think of options you can try when things aren’t working.
  • Coaches might celebrate you more than anyone else in your world.

Once you are ready to move, invest in a coach. It will be the best decision you could ever make, hands down.

Are you a professional who works at night, have made the decision to significantly change your nutrition, and need a coach?? I can help.

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