The Brilliant Michael Jackson Song Empowering You To Fitness Wins

As you know, I love music – a lot.

Michael Jackson has some of the most iconic music there is out there. You can hear it on the radio often, you can hear it in commercials, you can hear it in buildings and malls across the country, and you can even read the lyrics of the songs online.

(You’re probably humming one of your personal favorites right now while reading this, aren’t ya? ?)

I love how certain songs that MJ performs can empower people – if they really hear the words he’s singing – to get better in their worlds and design better futures for themselves and their families.

One of those songs of empowerment is “Man in the Mirror”.

This song is all about life changes that start with that person looking back at you in the mirror. Personal responsibility is super empowering, isn’t it? Nothing can initiate change in your life unless YOU initiate it.

The government can’t make you change.

Your family can’t make you change.

Your friends can’t make you change.

The economy can’t make you change.

Your job can’t make you change.

Not even the circles that you are in can make you change.


Yes, I realize that it is tough to see that you are both the cause AND the cure for all of your issues, health included. I have been there. If I worked out but ate horribly, that was on me. If I let my bed win instead of going to my living room and pressing play, that was on me. If I chose the most greasy, most cheesy, most fattening meal to eat at the restaurant, guess what? That was on me, too. But once understanding started to set in that I could decide to be different and take different actions, then I could start to “…stand up…” and “…make that change…”. I took responsibility for my health, and off came the excess weight!

It will not be easy to make those steps toward your fitness goals, believe me. But the minute your thoughts change toward the results you want, and your thoughts stay focused on them every day, then results will happen.

Change, like Michael says, begins with the one in the mirror. Look at YOURSELF to make the change. (♫♪Na-na-na, Na-na-na, Naaa-na-naaaaa♪♫)

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