14 Ingenious Ways To Generate Fun In Meal Prep

As a night shift worker, it goes without saying that you actively seek out ways to make your time work for you. That is why when it comes to making meals that you and your family will enjoy, it’s important to make meal prep time efficient AND fun.

Hopefully utilizing these methods to make meal prep time fun will give you a fresh look at how you do this task.


Become a meal idea machine. If you know what types of meals your family likes, think of new ways to create those meals and add them to the rotation. Are they happy with hamburgers? Why not try turkey burgers, or cod burgers, or use avocado or grilled peppers as toppings?

Buy fun colored meal prep containers. Seeing all these cute containers in your refrigerator makes you want to keep them filled with healthy food.

Set a timer. Some people won’t like this idea, but competitive people find that racing against the clock creates an element of fun – trying to finish working before time runs out.

Involve the kiddos. Little kids LOVE to shake marinade on meats, or put salad veggies in bowls. Teens will be a help in chopping veggies for salads . And you could do an online cooking show with your kids, like my sweet coach friend Kelly Songy Nelson.

Use music as a release. Sometimes, your favorite party jam will get you moving and grooving to blast through your meal prep sooner. I like old school rap myself, but you have to see what works best for you.

Schedule one meal outside of the home. Knowing that you are cooking less because you are going out this weekend may motivate you to do the cooking faster than normal.

Meal prep with neighbors or friends. Need I say more?!?

Why not try tapas? Tapas are small appetizers plates that you share with friends. There was a restaurant built around that very concept, so why not do it at home? I think they would be a wonderful addition to the lunch  or dinner rotations.

Build meals around a “national day theme”. When National Lasagna Day happened on July 29, you better believe that Lasagna rolls were on my menu for prepping that week! (Now I already hear you planning meals for National Chocolate Day in October – ha!)

Look for new ways to make staple foods. Rice can be cooked in vegetable broth instead of water. Sweet potatoes can be boiled and mashed instead of baked. Use the larger pearl-sized couscous as a side dish. Try out a new flavoring on steamed veggies. The possibilities are truly endless!

Portion control with color. If portion control is just too much work for you, try out these cool color-coded containers. These have been a blessing in my meal prep life, and hopefully they will help you out, too.

Organize a recipe swap. Have you used up all the recipe books in your repertoire? Why not grab recipes from your neighbors and friends? Make your favorite recipe and print out multiple copies of it – Invite your friends to do the same – and you get a great potluck meal, PLUS new recipes for your meal prep.

Double and triple batch (if able). I love making a bunch of a certain dish to freeze. This way, when I don’t have time to cook, I still have the option to thaw out a healthy meal.  Make sure you can do this without breaking your budget.

Mason salad jars make meals fun. Seeing your veggies, fruits, meats, and dressing layered in jars helps you realize that eating healthy can be a thing of beauty – literally.


What are some other ways that you make your meal prep fun?

Comment below and share your thoughts.



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