Tomorrow Isn’t Promised To You, So Focus On Your Forward Progress

I have had a number of my clients over the years tell me, ” I know I slipped up or did bad today, but no worries – I can do better tomorrow.” Not just one time, mind you, but sometimes on a monthly basis.

Normally, my response to them would be something like, “It’s okay – tomorrow is a new day and you have another chance.” Or sometimes I’d say, “Life happens. Don’t beat yourself up for a setback.”

But reflecting on all the losses and devastation that has been happening around the world over the past few weeks, I realize this might be the wrong thing to say, in certain situations. Let me share with you why I’m saying this.

We are NOT promised tomorrow. Every single moment that we have been given is a gift. And just like gifts, we cannot take our moments for granted.

The past few weeks, we have seen the stories of hundreds of people who have lost their lives (through senseless murders, accidents, and natural disasters) who believed that they had tomorrow to get things started or start over again. Sadly, they were not able to do so.

But if you are reading this post, then you have been blessed with another chance to get things done right.

  • Let’s not allow ourselves to use our excuses as a crutch.
  • Let’s not continuously tell ourselves that it is okay to eat bad here and there when we REALLY want better health.
  • Let’s not put our desires off to “tomorrow” when all we have is right now.

Keep your head up and your momentum going forward. There is a saying to not look back because you’re not going that way. Yes, you can gather the lessons from the past and use those lessons to get better today.

It is NEVER too late for you.

Know that TODAY is the best day to reinvent your life and to actually move toward those things you want. So use today up…and if you get to see tomorrow, then fill it with what you want as well.

So next time my customers come with their reasons why they didn’t stay focused, my new response is, “Start Over Right Now!”

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