Make Plans To Jump Back On The Bandwagon!

Let me tell you how I fell off the fitness bandwagon – flat on my face.


We moved to a bigger home in February 2014. I was super excited because there was a section of the house upstairs that was going to be perfect for my workout space. I had plans to set up my fitness DVDs, get a small TV with a stand, and get back to my workouts.

But then, things did a 180.


I stepped up to be a help to my husband who was working on his Ph.D.

My role at work changed, with a LOT more to do during nights and weekends.

I took on a lot more to ease the burden on others.

I began forgetting things because of long periods of little to no sleep that (little by little) took my short-term memory.

I gained weight (an extra 60 pounds, roughly) because I stopped eating on time, and my body went into “starvation mode”, holding on to everything that needed to burn off.

Workouts stopped happening because I told myself, “I don’t have time anymore.”

I became “that girl” who squeezed herself into her clothes – the one I talked about in my emails to my customers.

I knew exactly what I needed, but I didn’t give it to myself. Self-care went out the window.


When I fell off, I fell HARD.


But as Les Brown teaches us,


So I got back up and did little workouts – 5 or 10 minutes at first, doing squats while fixing breakfast, planks with my morning reading, jumping jacks in the shower. I also went back to drinking my delicious superfood shake in the mornings and eating better.


I am so not where I want to be, but I am grateful that I made the choice to get back on the bandwagon for my own health.


You must make a plan to help yourself succeed in your fitness journey. You need to take an honest look at what you are doing, figure out what is not working,  and then do the opposite. It isn’t ever too late to change.

If you are ready to get back on the fitness bandwagon,  I would love to work with you.  Click the banner below to get started.


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