Meal Prep Life: A Day (Or Two) In The Life

A few of my incredible clients have asked me, “How exactly do YOU do meal planning during the week?”


I have shared bits and pieces over the years to specifically answer questions for them, but i have never “put it all together” for them to have a complete picture. So here is my basic meal planning schedule.

(More details will be in my upcoming online workshop.)


Meal planning for me is a two-day event.


I start on Friday with the preparation. I think about what we have going on for the week, and I decide whether we do a crockpot meal, or if we do a one-skillet meal, or if we do a baked dish. I definitely turn to the Internet or to my recipe book collection for ideas. Once I find the meals I will be making, I write out the grocery list, and I try to shop the sales.


I will normally shop on meal prep day (Saturday or Sunday, ¬†depending on what things we have going on during our weekends). When I get home with groceries, the first thing I do is put everything away except the stuff that needs to be chopped for recipes. I’ll spend about 15 minutes or so with chopping and bagging veggies. If I am cooking in the crockpot, I will try to wait until bedtime to combine all those ingredients and let it cook on Low heat overnight. Or I’ll set up about 60 – 90 minutes to come back to the kitchen and actually do the cooking and placing things in prep containers.


My husband is a sandwich guy (at least for lunch), so I will get the stuff together in Ziploc bags. That way, it’s a simple job to put together his sandwiches the night before he eats them. I’ll keep items for dinner outside of prep containers, and put our plates together when we are ready to heat and eat.


At first, it was hard to do this. I wanted to just kick back and relax after grocery shopping. But preparing meals for the week early saves valuable time, helps you know that you have enough food to feed your family, and makes it easier to avoid the temptation of eating poorly – and for me, all of these are wins in my book.


Are you having trouble with planning and preparing your family meals for the week, especially when you work at night? I would love to help you! Click the banner below and let’s work together to make this a new habit.




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