Health On The Stealth: How to Make Your Family Dinner Healthy

You’ve made the decision to transform your eating habits.

You enlist the help of a coach or you sign up for a social challenge to start making changes in your world.


…then you hit a major roadblock. Quite frankly, it might be the biggest roadblock of all.

The other people living in your house.


They may tell you that they aren’t touching dinner tonight because it’s got WAY too many veggies. Or they may drive you bonkers with the “ewww” or the “can me and the kids eat Pizza Hut instead?” or even the “I’ll call grandma – she will make me a cake because she loves me – not like you”.


It can be super brutal. Believe me, I have been there. I had to slowly incorporate healthy foods into our dinner routine until my husband started requesting them on his own.


Never fear. You don’t HAVE to resort to making TWO SETS of meals to appease your family.


Time to implement “Health on the Stealth”. Where your family joins you in eating healthy but they have no clue that they are doing it. ?


How does it happen? Let me share 9 things you can implement today in boosting the health content of your family dinners:


  • Shred carrots, zucchini, and yellow bell pepper into the family spaghetti sauce.
  • Mix regular pasta with brown rice pasta to add extra nutrition to each serving.
  • Mix your ground beef for hamburgers with regular ground turkey for a lighter burger.
  • Small tossed salads with creamy light dressing will help your family get a serving of veggies in.
  • Set up a fun challenge (with a reward) to try the “Vegetable of the Week” at least one time during the week.
  • Add chopped vegetables  to the “Taco Tuesday” taco bar.
  • Make a batch of “confetti rice” with regular rice and riced cauliflower. Flavor it with lemon pepper seasoning.
  • Instead of sodas or juices, make a quart of unsweetened green tea and add it to a quart of Country Time lemonade.
  • On Friday or Saturday night, allow everyone to create their own mini pizzas using pre-made crusts, marinara sauce, veggie toppings, Turkey pepperoni, cooked and chopped chicken breasts, and cooked chicken sausage. Oh, and don’t forget the non-dairy mozzarella….


Need more ideas for incorporating “Health on the Stealth” with your family?  Then you have to schedule a conversation with me really soon, because I have some more great ideas….


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