8 Excellent Ways To Smash Stress

It is so true, you know?


The more stress you take on in your life, the greater likelihood that you will find yourself sick or burned out.


I have been there many times. Most recently, my 9 to 5 position had me working days, nights, AND weekends. There was a weekend in May when my coworker and I were up over 24 hours on a call to get the applications we support moved to another platform. People were fussing at other people, people trying to get everyone on conference calls to get things hammered out, people who are SUPPOSED to understand the system really did not – things were seriously crazy. Plus, after the weekend work was over, we spent another 3.5 days getting problems taken care of. And to top it off, we were tasked to do more work that very next weekend (so no holiday time for many of us).


And don’t get me started on the stress on the home front….


We finally finished this particular project in late July, but a lot of us who had been working the days, nights, and weekends since mid-March were exhausted – and we heard of a few folks who had to take multiple weeks off to get back to themselves.


It is critical that when you are going through those stressful situations in your life, you create an outlet for that stress. It’s said when too much pressure is put on a pipe, that pipe will burst. The same holds true for us. We must find releases for the stress.


Check out these 8 ways to smash the stress that you feel in your life:


House Party. I know you are probably thinking, “Yeah – taking it back to the house parties that we used to get in trouble for having and going to. RIGHT.”  Yes, I am serious! I am talking about popping in that favorite mix tape of yours, or turning on YouTube and finding those old school jams that you used to enjoy at home or at school dances, cranking them up, and dancing off the stress!! Make your living room the hot spot for your own personal 60s – 70s – 80s – 90s – 00s party. If you need some help with some party songs, try out “Dazz Band”, “Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody”, “Billie Jean”, and “California Gurls”.


Laughter. When was the last time you had a good belly laugh? Laughter helps release those feel good hormones that combat the stressful ones. Go to a funny movie or play, do a karaoke night at the bar in the neighborhood, see your favorite comedian in action when he or she is in town (or somewhat close for you to drive). Tight on funds? Let your kids put on a comedy show for you, or look up your favorite comedian on Netflix.


Reminiscing. I want you to do something for me. Think back to a time when you felt at peace. Who were you with? What were you doing? How was the weather outside (sunny and warm, nice rain showers, snow gently falling)? Think of every single detail that made this environment peaceful. Don’t you feel that stress melting away just by THINKING peaceful thoughts? If you did, I want you to take those thoughts and bring them back to your mind every time you start feeling stress overtake you.


Family. (Okay, if your family is what is causing you undue stress where you are about to explode, then just skip this method.) Doing a “call to catch up” with your family members is a great way to relieve the stresses of your life. Hearing their good news so you can celebrate with them, and hearing their struggles so you can pray for them will take your mind off yourself and your issues for a bit. And honestly, the more family members you talk to, the more you start feeling free.


Nap. As kids, we HATED nap time. It was just a way for the teacher to get some quiet time for herself (at least that is what I was thinking). But as adults, we have totally changed our motto – naps are EVERYTHING. It feels good to rest our bodies and our minds. Resting also helps to release the stress filling our bodies up with anxiety and sadness. Make sure you set your timer for only 30 minutes, or your body will drift off into sleep mode (making it harder to get up and face the rest of the day).


Tai Chi. Slow, deliberate movement is a wonderful way to focus on the inner you. As you rest, breathe, and draw slowly in the air while moving across the floor, the stress just melts away. After a good tai chi session, confidence returns, and that feeling of peace is immeasurable. This particular stress-busting method is a favorite of mine.


Sex. Yes, I said it. Enjoying your spouse or partner in a hot lovemaking session burns calories and makes that stress float away. The stressful situations may still be there, but you definitely won’t burst because of them. You may even find some ways to fix the stress as you’re hollering in ecstasy.


Escape. Sometimes it is best for you to get up and get away. Having a time of escape from the stress is a really good thing so that you can breathe and make a game plan that will help. If a quick getaway to another place is not budget friendly for you, then head outside to a park. Simply being in nature is an excellent escape, and seeing the beauty around you can help you feel better about things.


I would love to hear about ways that YOU handle stress.

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  • Becky

    Reply Reply September 13, 2017

    Thanks for all those great tips, I will definitely be putting them to use. As a single mom trying to do what seems like everything for everyone, stress is something I deal with regularly.

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