You Are Only As Powerful As Your Decision

You know, it took a few years for this to sink in for me.


I had moved home from Texas because I had been laid off and had gotten a new position back home. Definitely thankful for the job, but my extra 50 pounds and my bad habits moved home with me.


I liked to cook, but it was SO much easier to bring a meal home from Applebee’s or somewhere close by. I did it so often that someone said that I acted like one of those chicks who used her oven for storage. ?


It got to the point where my blood pressure and my budget made the decision for me that it was time for drastic change.


I was feeling light-headed at work and my mama suggested I see the work nurse. I did, and when she took my blood pressure, she told me to lie down immediately.


My blood pressure was 168/101.

DANGEROUSLY high for a 31 year old.


She was telling me to set up an appointment with my doctor as soon as I could so I could get on blood pressure medication. I did not want that because of the blood pressure and heart issues I had seen happen in my own family. Plus, my budget was stretched so much, I couldn’t afford to add anything else, let alone expensive blood pressure medication.


THAT was my decision point.


I vowed that I would get my blood pressure under control without having to resort to medication. And because of my personal DECISION to change, I was successful over time.


Have YOU reached your decision point yet?

Please don’t wait until you have no choice, like me.


Make the decision that you are worthy of great health, and start moving forward by clicking the banner below.





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