The 3 Best Ways To Know Your Weight Is An Issue

It’s so crazy, right?


One moment you are rocking the athletic body, having people come and ask you where you workout and what you eat, and walking into a room with complete confidence. Fast forward some years, and you are looking in the mirror, wondering what in the world happened to your banging body.


But you may not even realize that your body is not at its best anymore. You squeeze into your tight dresses or those skinny jeans to go out with your friends, and the jelly rolls and muffin tops are really hard to miss. You push yourself into the roller coaster ride seat, even though the sample seat outside the ride is showing you that you clearly have no business riding. You are maxing out your credit cards constantly updating your wardrobe, NOT with the latest fashion trend, but with the next size up.


Stop kidding yourself.


You have to come to terms with your own self that your weight is a real issue before you can make significant upgrades to your health.


But even if you don’t realize it yourself, here are three ways that you know your weight is an issue:


  1. Your Doctor. A visit to the doctor’s office can take you from feeling fine to rethinking your whole life, especially how you’ve been caring for yourself. Many times, your doctor is that voice of reality, letting you know that you need to get the weight off your body AND the reasons why it is important to do so. Listen to what he or she has to say.
  2. Your Clothes. The weight gain causes you to HATE the dressing room with a passion. You may feel that you can still get into a size 6, but putting it on while the dressing room mirror is looking at you tells an entirely different story. When you have jumped two sizes over summer vacation (and you can see it in the dressing room), then you know for a fact your weight is a problem.
  3. Your Kids. Kids do “say the darnedest things”, but they also are brutally honest. Kids will tell you – no holds barred – that you are getting fat, or that your rolls are sticking out, or that you need new clothes. They aren’t tactful – they tell things as they see them. Period. It angers you, but real talk, you are just angry that these little people are calling you out on the truth about yourself.


So knowing this, I want you to look at yourself honestly and answer the question:



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