Why Does Their Condescending Opinion Really Matter?

I am about to get on my soapbox again.

(I hear you saying, “And when do you ever get off that box, Clarissa?”)

Lately, more of my clients have been telling me that the people in their lives that they love dearly will become upset if they start losing weight. They ask me to try and make them healthy WITHOUT slimming them down because they don’t want to lose the body that got them the guy or the girl. And they definitely don’t want to alienate themselves from their friends.


I know that keeping a relationship with that person is important to you. I understand and I think that it is a good thing that relationships are a priority in your world, like they are in mine.


When keeping the relationship equals sacrificing YOUR HEALTH, that’s a problem.

I’ve heard it before:
“You don’t LOOK like you need to lose anything.”
“There’s nothing wrong with those rolls of fat – that’s sexy.”
“Stop working so hard and start LIVING.”
“Go ahead, eat that double decker ice cream sundae. We’re all going to die anyway.”
“It doesn’t take all that.”

Your friends and family might be saying these things due to their own beliefs about themselves, or through jealousy that you are making changes that they are not willing to make, or through the “crab in the barrel syndrome” (when someone starts coming out of their painful situation, those who are still miserable will pull the one coming out back down).

Being 100% honest, your health matters a WHOLE LOT MORE than their opinions. If they cannot go to the doctor for you, give their blood or their pee on your behalf, or take your place in those yearly screenings that you need when you get up in age…why in the world would you allow them to stop you from looking and feeling great?? Your friends and family should never, ever be your excuse for not taking care of yourself. If you go downhill, then who is going to take care of the day-to-day operations of your household?

I’m going to need you to get healthy – FOR YOU.

Get healthy for YOU, not so that someone will or will not love you more or less.
Get healthy for YOU, not for the surprise and the accolades from your doctor.
Get healthy for YOU, not so that you can stay on the weight rollercoaster the rest of your life.
Get healthy for YOU, not so those friends of yours can freely dump their negative opinions in your space.

Experience better health numbers, tons of energy, and a higher quality of life – when you do it for YOU.

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