Nutrition For Night Workers Q&A

Like the old Radio Shack commercial says, “You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.”


You’ve probably checked out the Nutrition for Night Workers sales page recently, and you may have come back to resolve those unanswered questions in your head. You may have gotten basic information from a friend or family member who is actually doing the program. Or you may not have a clue what Nutrition for Night Workers is all about, but you work at night and your current nutrition plan is a hot mess.


Well, let me aid in clearing those questions up for you, okay?


(Q) Who are you, and what qualifies you to help me with my nutrition?

Just in case we haven’t met, my name is Clarissa Winchester. I am an online fitness coach with an incredible network marketing company. I have helped multiple clients to drop the extra pounds for good and transform their ideas about eating well. I am qualified to help because my own body was transformed through the power of eating healthy and giving myself the foods my body needed to heal itself from high blood pressure and high cholesterol issues. I am NOT a certified nutritionist, but I am thankful that I can share my personal experiences with you.


(Q) Why do you care so much about folks who work at night?

I care because many of my clients work at night. They have asked me many times for meal plans to help them eat healthy when fast food is their ONLY option. They have also asked about what keeps me so committed to good health. I am passionate about sharing this with as many people as possible.


(Q) Who is this program for?

Nutrition for Night Workers is for those individuals whose work shift starts after the sun goes down. They are uncomfortable in their bodies and eat fast food each night because it is “easier” than fixing a meal from home. They truly want to see change in their bodies and in their health levels. They have a “no excuses” mentality. They desire change so they can be healthy for their families. They also are committed to fully participating in their lives for 90 days.


(Q) Who should NOT purchase Nutrition for Night Workers?

While it would be incredible to help EVERYONE who works at night and are uncomfortable in their own skin, this program is not for everyone. It is NOT for those who will “try” to get results (and quit after the first week). It is NOT for those who make excuses for why they cannot change. It is NOT for those who aren’t willing to give up the foods they crave for the body they want. And it is NOT for those who refuse to participate.


(Q) Why do I need to apply for a phone call with you before I make the purchase?

I have found that getting people on the phone to find out their true motivations and seeing if we connect well BEFORE we work together is very critical to your success in the program. If we can’t work well together, then I honestly don’t want you to waste your money or your time in this program. Sometimes you may have questions specific to your situation that are not answered in this Q&A, and getting on the phone helps you to get those answered.


(Q) Why is the program 90 days?

21 days forms a habit, but 90 days solidifies that habit into your daily routine. During the Nutrition for Night Workers program, you will learn tips and tricks to get you doing meal prep for life. You will also be hearing my personal stories that I hope will help you grow and develop this life skill to pass on to those you love.


(Q) When should I start seeing results?

Now this question is something that really cannot be answered accurately. Everybody’s body is different, and it may take you a shorter or a longer time than me to drop pounds and inches. But I will say that if you have reached the 4th week in the program and haven’t seen changes after following everything exactly, then you and I will sit down on a call and decide your next steps.


(Q) Can a friend join me in N4NW?

Absolutely! Making life changes can be easier when you get friends involved. (Not ALL changes are like that, mind you, but when it comes to improving your health, friends can help tremendously!)


(Q) Where can I read the sales page?

Glad you asked! You can click the banner below to go directly to the sales page.







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