4 Valuable Questions To Consider Before Weight Loss Surgery

Sadly, some people cannot, for some reason or another, do traditional weight loss. These men and women are normally turning toward weight loss surgery (either through a doctor’s orders or due to being tired of having self-esteem issues). The number of weight loss surgery options offered to people who are looking is overwhelming. A quick search on Google turns up millions of records. Plus, the “horror stories” you hear about botched surgeries, or the surgery not working, or people not making it off the surgical table, or  overnight docs who are “here one day, gone the next, along with your money” don’t help with the confidence level in receiving the surgery.


Weight loss surgery is a major step to take in your health journey, and there are some valuable questions you need to ask yourself before considering this permanent solution.


Does this weight loss doctor/surgeon have a good success rate?

You really do not want someone who hasn’t had the right experience to start cutting on you. A surgeon who has a good reputation (and positive reviews online or excellent comments from previous patients) can do wonders for your anxiety level.


How long do I need for true healing?

Some websites say that you could be able to get back to your normal routine within a few weeks. But is this enough time for your body to heal completely? I always say that everyone’s body is different, and what may take someone else a few weeks to fully recover might take you 6 to 8 weeks. It’s not fun trying to do your normal routine when you aren’t feeling your best.


Can I maintain the doctor’s strict orders?

Having this weight loss surgery means you will need to undergo a total lifestyle change. The weight loss surgeon will provide you with a plan to stabilize your body after surgery, then offer planning on how to maintain the weight loss. But how you answer this question is 100% YOUR CHOICE.


Is there a chance the weight will come back?

As with all weight loss surgery options, none of them are guaranteed to be permanent unless you make significant changes to your lifestyle. So the answer to this question depends on how dedicated you are to this change. If you still plan to eat fatty foods, drink alcohol daily, or consume sugary treats before bed each night, then maybe surgery isn’t the right path for you.

With these concerns that may be swirling around in your head right now, don’t you owe it to yourself to try consuming high quality food and reversing this weight gain WITHOUT going under the knife??


(Yes, there are some people who have extenuating circumstances, and surgery is the ONLY option. I get that. However, unless the doctor specifically said that surgery is your only way, then I ask you to think very carefully before making your decision.)


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