Change Won’t Happen Until You Do This

Everyone out there is looking for change.


Even you – because you wouldn’t be here unless you are really ready to change your life and your health for the better.


But I have to let you know that you have ZERO chance for making a total transformation in your life, unless you draw a line in the sand and say “This is my reason why I am here”.


You must find YOUR reason why you want to lose weight, drop inches, and improve your health. It must be real and deeply meaningful for YOU. It must be something that sustains you during the tough times  (and trust me, there will definitely be tough times during your fitness journey). Your personal reason why must not come from the surface thoughts in your head, but from down in your soul, those deep places that you often hide from the world.


For example, you may desire a release from your high cholesterol issues. But WHY do you desire this?

  • Is it because you want to be a healthy example for your children?
  • Is it so that you can live out your passion for a longer period of time?
  • Is it so that you can help others to be a light for someone else – like you are for them?
  • Is traveling to different places with your loved ones something that makes your heart happy?


What is that thing that will make you draw the line in the sand and do whatever it takes to regain your health? Once you have that one thing, you need to write it down every single day and make sure that it is in the forefront of your mind each moment – even during the tough ones.


Allow TODAY to become your day of declaration of the reason why you are ready to change!

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