3 Beverages You Will Only Drink When You Have A Sugar Addiction

It’s 12:25am.


You’ve been working on your shift for a while now, and you are parched.  When break comes, you walk a few blocks down to your local QwikMart to grab a cold slushie. To be honest, your body has been crying out for water for a couple of days now because of the sweltering heat in the plant where you do your night shift work, but since you have convinced yourself that you “cannot stand plain water”, this electric blue raspberry slush will have to do.


Why in the world, when you are thirsty or dehydrated, would you go for something that has the possibility of dehydrating you even more?




YOU, my friend, are addicted to SUGAR.


And these three beverages, when you ingest them regularly over a period of time, have the potential to keep you that way.


You might just have a sugar addiction if you drink:


  1. Soda. If you look at bottle labels, you’ll notice that they have started to put the grams of sugar for one serving AND the grams of sugar for the entire bottle. It is their way of saying that if you finish this 20 ounce bottle of soda, your body will be working like a Hebrew slave to burn off this amount of sugar you just took in.
  2. Slushies/Slurpees/Icees. Crushed ice, color and flavor chemicals, and sugar. That is it. Most machines that blend these up have no sort of nutritional labels on them. But according to online sources [put reference here] you could be taking in a whopping 116 grams (29 tablespoons) of sugar with every 32 ounce you buy. Kinda puts a damper on “cold and refreshing”, right?
  3. Sweet Tea with extra addedDown South, sweet tea is a staple drink. Tea itself is a very healthy drink, but most times, though, the amount of sugar that is added can be insane. And many people will add EXTRA sugar on top of their sweet tea because “It’s not sweet enough”. Sugar on top of sugar can cause the risk of diabetes to shoot up exponentially.


So how do you start dealing with a sugar addiction? You must first realize that you have this problem. After that, you need to make find beverages at your QwikMart that will quench the thirst you have – for good.


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