You Know They’re Lying To You…Right?

I know you’re NOT going to like me for what I’m about to say, but it must be said.


That fat doesn’t “look good on you”.
It’s not “cute”.
Those jelly rolls around your tummy and thighs don’t have “sex appeal”.
You’re not “big boned” or “pleasantly plump”.
And you honestly have no business sporting the big belly – when you aren’t pregnant.


Those so-called “friends” are telling you what you want to hear so you can stay where you are, or even get worse.


In fact, what that excess fat around your midsection REALLY is doing is killing you slowly. Keeping you from performing at your best. Keeping you tired and sluggish. And making your body struggle unnecessarily.


The truth hurts, doesn’t it??


Don’t play yourself. Get it together.


You are worth SO much more than the bad health that you are giving yourself by eating bad foods, drinking sodas, and having your sleep schedule thrown off daily. And you don’t have to continue being the “wingman” (or “wingwoman”) at the double date.


So go ahead to the kitchen (or to your secret food stash at your desk or in your car) and toss all that bad stuff out.


Not when you feel like it.
Not next Tuesday.


And for the love of all things good, PLEASE sell or give away those clothes that are one or two sizes too small for you!! They are a waste of your time and energy.


Oh yeah – and find those in your life who’ll tell you the truth, and keep them around. No more YES folks allowed, got it?


What’s next, then?


Click this link and let’s work on this issue.




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