How Do You Know When The Sugar Monster Has You?

The primary thing keeping that muffin top on you is the amount of sugar that you eat. Period. You may honestly believe that “you have it under control”, but then you see the dessert tray at your favorite restaurant and the monster inside you grabs the biggest slice of cake available – WITH the extra ice cream and cherries. Then, of course, you scream in horror when you see the number on the bathroom scale go higher.


That is SO not the way you need to be living!


It is critical that you see the three signs of the “sugar monster within” and take a bat to its head quickly when you see these things happen:


  1. You must eat something sweet after your meals every day. No question. If it isn’t a slice of your grandma’s apple pie, then it’s cookies, or candy, or even extra servings of dried fruit. Anything with sugar will do just fine. How to combat this monster craving: After your meal, go for a cup of tea with a couple of drops of Stevia and lemon juice. If you need to chew something, go for some Big Red gum.
  2. You need your bread fix. If you look at the labels on that loaf of bread at the store, you’ll see “sugar” (or one of its derivatives) high on the list of ingredients. How to combat this monster craving: Use lettuce leaves, portobello mushroom caps, and even baked sweet potato in place of bread in sandwiches. The Iron You blog has an incredible recipe for cauliflower buns. It takes some work, but they are SO delicious.
  3. Mountain Dew (Red, Black, Blue, White, or Green) – or any other soda on the shelf – is known to your family and friends as your staple drink. They don’t know who you are without a case of sodas in your fridge or a cold 20 ounce bottle in your car cup holder. How to combat this monster craving: Start drinking flavored water or tea with lemon juice and Stevia.



Removing this crazed sugar monster for good is definitely gonna take consistent work on your end. You have to choose the right foods to eat that will satisfy your body’s needs, find alternatives that will help you stand strong, and soon, the monster will be gone because you don’t need it any longer.


Help is available – you never have to fight it alone.


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