What Is That Thing You Are Holding Back That Could Transform Everything?

Journaling time is very personal.

It allows you to sit with your thoughts and figure out what positives you want to see in your world. Journaling also allows you to vent, rant, and say whatever you need to say without anxiety or fear of retaliation. I believe that hundreds of thousands of “beefs” between friends or loved ones can be settled if the two parties journaled their feelings and let that mess get out of them.

I do not journal as often as I NEED to, but I am committing myself to 30 days of journaling. Whether it be gratitude journaling, talking about a specific topic, affirmations, or just letting things flow, I’m doing 30 straight days and seeing where that takes me.

One of my beautiful no-nonsense mentors, Katrina Ruth, is HUGE into journaling. So much so that she sends journaling prompts out through her smartphone app. (SIDE NOTE: Go and follow her on Facebook and YouTube, and get her smartphone app so you stay connected. She will motivate you to do your purpose work daily.)

Yesterday evening’s journaling prompt was so thought-provoking, however, that I could not keep it to my personal journal. I had to write about it here.

The prompt is:

When you look inside of you, what is the power that you KNOW it’s time to claim?

Makes you really stop and think about yourself and your current and future life, doesn’t it?


I saw the prompt last night, and after thinking about it a while (both last night and this morning), here is what flowed from my own heart:

I have a superpower within to keep the people that God places in my world rapidly moving forward in their purpose. The words I write in emails, the thoughts I share in videos or live-streams, the celebrations I send to customers and prospects because of their weight loss accomplishments – EVERYTHING that I am is to help others realize that they CAN achieve amazing health.

  • Physical health.
  • Spiritual health.
  • Mental health.
  • Financial health.
  • Emotional health.

The problem is I have been holding this superpower back because of multiple fears. I have been giving myself and my power and energy away to those I love. I want to ensure that their goals are met – no matter what it takes out of me. I am afraid that unleashing the superpower within will intimidate the man I love and he will walk because he is used to the way things are. I am afraid unleashing the superpower will hurt people because I would be speaking more of my mind. I am afraid that unleashing the superpower within will alienate me from the entire world, and even though I am an introvert, I don’t think I could be alone for a long time. I am afraid if I unleash the superpower within, it will not be what I expect it to be and I will sink into depression.

But what kind of life am I living NOW?? It is like I give my own self the paltry leftovers of my own power, when I should be living every day from the increase and overflow of me. What if claiming this power daily turns everything around for the better – not just for me, but for those in my world also?

My superpower has the potential to change countless lives. It is way past time that I claim it and let it be unleashed.

Your turn!

How would you answer this journaling prompt?

Type your answer in the comments. I would love to know what power you need to claim in your life.

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