Are You Ready to Fight For A Healthier Family?

Let’s get real for a minute.

The moment that you decide you are going to create a healthy life for you and your family, THAT is the moment when your life will begin to change. If it changes for the better or worse…that is entirely up to you.

(Okay, I have this feeling that you are thinking about how you can avoid the “worse”. Keep on reading.)

I am always sharing in my content that the cause and the cure for everything in your life is YOU.

What do I mean by that? Well,

  • You control what you bring home for your family to eat.
  • You control whether you all get out and play actively as a family on a daily basis.
  • You control how much screen time (TV, phone, laptop/tablet) you and your family have weekly.
  • You control the amount of sleep that your family gets (well, kinda, especially with teenagers).

I’m not saying that your family won’t be fighting you back, working hard to “be who they are”, and sabotage all the efforts that you are putting in place.

Yes, if they buy fast food or sugary snacks with their own money, that is on them. If they stay up at night texting or on social media and are tired the next day, again, that is on them.

What I am saying to you is that you are going to have to make a stand for the stronger and healthier life that you want yourself and your family to have, then do whatever is necessary to achieve it – even if it hurts them in the beginning.

Do NOT be the person who allows your family to eat just anything. Your kitchen, your rules. Control what comes in and you will be on your way to winning the battle!

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